To my surprise, Ubuntu 22.04 comes with a wallpaper image I created

The wallpaper image that I created for Ubuntu 22.04

Last february, I submitted the image above in the “Jammy Jellyfish 22.04 Wallpaper Competition“. After the competition closed, I received a message saying that it made it to the finalists, but was not selected to be included in the Ubuntu 22.04 release.


To my surprise however, I came across a video on Reddit last week, posted by a user who was having issues with a fresh install of 22.04. He was using my wallpaper, which as far as I knew was not part of the release. So I did a little digging, and found this blog post on

…our community wallpaper competition had so many great submissions that we decided to include all the finalists for the LTS release.


So basically, my image was on millions of computers, and I had no idea.

Generated with my 4K Wallpaper Generator

To create this particular image, I tweaked my Wallpaper Generator so that it used Ubuntu’s brand identity colors. I love that this image was created on Ubuntu (running on a Raspberry Pi), using nothing but some open source JavaScript.

This was the second time a wallpaper I created was selected, although the earlier image was quite different.

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