Quick tip: Secure your TP-Link router’s wifi

A while ago, I installed a TP-Link Archer C2300 router in my office. I like TP-Link’s very user-friendly web interface, and I followed the step-by-step installation wizard to set thing up. What that wizard does not tell you however, is that some of the ingredients in its magic potion are way past their expiration date.

The wifi security setting specifically is set to WPA/WPA2, with both “Version” and “Encryption” set to “auto”. This means you could end up using WPA and TKIP. Both are insecure and not recommended.

TP-Link C2300 advanced wifi settings screenshot.

On the “Advanced” tab, you’ll find more detailed wifi settings. To use modern, up-to-date wifi security protocols, simply select “WPA2/WPA3-Personal”. That’s it. TP-Link should really make this the default setting.

Roy Tanck
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