Dusting off the Urbanears Rålis Bluetooth speaker

Urbanears Ralis Bluetooth speaker

When my Rålis arrived this week, its beautifully designed box turned out to be covered by a distinct layer of dust. Apparently, nobody at the retailer’s warehouse had bothered to wipe it off before shipping. This made me feel sorry for Urbanears.

A blue box that goes boom

Imagine designing the best-looking mid-size Bluetooth speaker on the market. Giving it 20 hours of battery life, an IPX2 water-resistance rating, and top notch sound quality. A product well worth its initial €199 asking price. And then apparently having it not gain much traction, causing them to gather dust.

On the Urbanears website, it’s currently marked down to €129. I even managed to find one at under €100. An absolute steal. Just like their wonderful Plattan line of headphones are, btw.

Roy Tanck
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