Plugin Report: a lightweight WordPress plugin to keep track of WordPress plugins

A screenshot of the admin screen added by Plugin Report.

Every time a new major version of WordPress comes out, plugin developers are encouraged to test their work with the new version, and update compatibility information accordingly. I was working on that last week, when I accidentally clicked the wrong link, and found an old plugin I’d been working on in early 2017, but never quite finished.

“Barn find”

Plugin Report displays a table with details about the plugins that are installed in your WordPress site. This makes it easier to spot plugins that are no longer maintained, or have other issues. I remember ceasing development of the plugin because Site Health was being added to WordPress at the time, and it promised to do similar things.

Fast forward to 2019. Site Health turned out great, but does not do quite the same thing. So I decided that this “barn find” was worth restoring. I tweeted about it, a Github repository was created, people offered suggestions, wrote code, bugs were fixed, and soon a shiny new version rolled out of the garage. Please give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Plugin Report is available from the WordPress plugin repository.

Roy Tanck
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