Railway Station, Banff, Canada

Twelve years ago, my daughter gave me this domain name as a birthday present, and I used it to set up my first real blog. For years, I used it to experiment. I built a series of custom themes for it, used it as the home for my WordPress plugins, and even tried my hand at monetizing blog content. grew into a large blog, with tons of content. It wasn’t easy to tinker with anymore, and I started to dread having to work with it. That’s why I decided a fresh install was in order. I no longer needed a place to tinker with WordPress, that’s what I do for a living now. I need a place where I’m a WordPress customer. A place to pick up blogging again.

So, here goes… a fresh blog, with a ready-made theme from Almost no plugins, and very little customization. And with comments re-enabled, because a blog is no fun without comments. Let’s see how this works out…

Roy Tanck
I'm a freelance WordPress developer, designer, consultant, meetup organizer and speaker. In my spare time I love to go out and take pictures of things.